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Another creative art piece from Denver based street artist, Surj


Staring At My First Basquiat | Homage from Surj the artist

denver artist

As I continued painting, and studying the works of the great Pop and Street Artists, invariably Jean-Michel Basquiat continually popped up.


Surj is one of my favorite street artists lately.  He keeps coming up with innovative stuff that I have to share.

“Charging Bull” is seeing red

Arturo Di Modica is not happy that the Fearless Girl now staring down his Charging Bull has effectively turned it into a villain.


The artist who sculpted Wall Street’s iconic “Charging Bull” is seeing red over the statue of the defiant girl placed in his snorting beast’s path – and says she should be carted away immediately.

The bull is art, Arturo Di Modica said of his bronze behemoth. The girl is, well, bull.

“That is not a symbol! That’s an advertising trick,” the 76-year-old Sicilian immigrant said, clutching his heart.


Does this change the sculptor’s original intent?