A Time To Reflect

Reflections of my first commissioned street art project from Denver based Artist, Surj. Notes on street art techniques use on a Denver art project

Source: www.surjart.com

A friend of the NYC ART GALLERY, Denver Artist Surj discusses stencil art strategy.  Loving it!


What we know about George Lucas’ art collection and what we’ll see in his museum

museum of narrative art

Otoh Gunga City, from the Museum of Narrative Art. Credit:
Doug Chiang

After Tuesday’s announcement that L.A.’s Exposition Park would become home to the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “People will visit from around the world to see the original Darth Vader mask and Norman Rockwell paintings.” But what else from filmmaker George Lucas

Source: www.latimes.com

I am looking forward to this but it is one of the more curious concepts to come out in a bit for the art world.  The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be a first-of-its kind institution: an anthropological museum of visual storytelling.


From the Lucas Museum website: The Lucas Museum will be a barrier free museum where artificial divisions between “high” art and “popular” art are absent, allowing you to explore a wide array of compelling visual storytelling. Visitors who might be less inclined to visit a traditional fine art museum will be invited to engage with and relate to art forms they recognize and love.