Neo Pop Art | Abstract Urban Art Piece | Title – I ALone

I Alone – A funky new abstract and urban art piece where colors abound. Has a nice homage feel of Jean-Mich Basquiat while bringing a fresh punchy voice.


New piece from Surj the Artist titled “I Alone”.  Seems like a piece focused on the colors but pain of being alone is coming out.


“Charging Bull” is seeing red

Arturo Di Modica is not happy that the Fearless Girl now staring down his Charging Bull has effectively turned it into a villain.


The artist who sculpted Wall Street’s iconic “Charging Bull” is seeing red over the statue of the defiant girl placed in his snorting beast’s path – and says she should be carted away immediately.

The bull is art, Arturo Di Modica said of his bronze behemoth. The girl is, well, bull.

“That is not a symbol! That’s an advertising trick,” the 76-year-old Sicilian immigrant said, clutching his heart.


Does this change the sculptor’s original intent?