Vincent Van Gogh Away

Currently, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has an exhibition called Pop, Minimal, and Figurative Art, The Fisher Collection (May 14, 2016-ongoing). The entire exhibition is based around the art of famous Pop Artists, such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. I had the pleasure of viewing Roy Lichtenstein’s Figures with Sunset while visiting the SF MoMA.

Figures with Sunset is a very large piece of art. It is 107 inches x 167 inches and takes up an entire wall in the exhibition hall. It was constructed in 1978 and is oil and Magna on canvas.

This piece was part of a two decade study Lichtenstein did where he “reinterpreted great works of modern art in a Pop Art style” (Met Museum). Another example of a piece in this study is Stepping Out.

The piece exhibits Lichtenstein’s typical style of using uniform dots to add color and dimension, but…

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