The Higher Inquiètude

The number of photographs of Andy Warhol mingling at parties and with friend’s and celebrities dwarfs the number of images of the artist making art. This imbalance reflects Warhol’s highly successful effort to keep the spotlight on his official public persona and away from his personal and creative self, especially after 1968. There are, however, revealing images of Warhol at work, almost exclusively from the 1960s.

This sequence, taken in March, 1965, shows Warhol and studio assistant Gerard Malanga silkscreening and painting one of the Flower series. The scale of the painting, the physicality of the large-format silkscreen process, and the placement of the canvas on the studio floor, to be worked from all sides are striking, and remind us that despite the differences in content and medium, Warhol’s painting practice clearly was clearly influenced by the scale and working techniques of the Abstract Expressionists, particularly Jackson Pollock, whose working…

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